His Birthday | Marini's on 57, Menara 3 Petronas KL

parking can be done at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel as de entrance to Marini's 57 is within walking distance from de hotel's lobby or another advisable option would be at KLCC. there is a private elevator (quite secluded) to take you to de floor where de restaurant is located- 57th floor. once took off, de estimated time of arrival they claimed was

.60 seconds.

please be patient for de rather slow elevator- definitely more than 60 seconds.
(you'll be accompanied by theirs staffs throughout de experience)

Melow Sundown Cocktail   RM35
recommended by our attendant- easy to drink.

complimentary bread (with olive oil).
de one with sea salt topping was unbearably salty (second right). I personally like de flatbread crisps (second left).

birthday boi (=

as for de menu, there weren't many selections. in general an ala carte costs about RM120-200 unless for an appetizer it may cost less than RM100 otherwise. we opted for de set menu: Winter Tasting Menu priced at RM330++ per person (and also some other ala carte dishes).

Winter Tasting Menu
ANTIPASTI (before de meal- appetizer)
Carpaccio di Polipo.
octopus lobster carpaccio (as octopus not available) and salmon caviar served with celery, baby carrots, and organic chilly oil.

dish presentation was not appealing (in fact it was quite bad). and worry not, it was de tomato foam and not dish liquid.. haha.

Winter Tasting Menu
ZUPPA (soup)
Zuppa di granchio con zucchine.
San Marzano tomato crab soup with zucchini and jelly parsley.
very strong flavour of crab. de boy felt alright but I could hardly take few more sips of it.

Winter Tasting Menu
PASTA (pasta)
Tagliolini in crudo di pesce.
chilled basil Tagliolini with fresh yellow fin tuna, scallop, and prawns.
too raw for my liking.

Scallop Beans Puree   RM105
(self-ordered appetizer)
scallops were pan-seared to a rich dark brown crust, while still being a lil raw on de inside. I would prefer de scallops to be well done actually (knowing that I'm not a person who favours raw food). it was yummy, but towards de end I got a bit satiated due to de excess raw food I've consumed. 

Winter Tasting Menu
CARNE (meat)
Agnello al forno. 
roasted rack of lamb with “taggiane” olive crust served with figs sauce and vegetables.
finally, something to fit de (my) taste buds.

  Tagliolina Lobster   RM158
based on what they charged, I would say lobster wasn't really "alive" (not de lively fresh kind that will dance in your mouth). treating every mouthful as a delight, nevertheless, still a delicious dish.

Winter Tasting Menu
DOLCI (sweet- desserts)
Torta di Pere.
upside down pear tart with rum gelato and fresh fruits.

gelato tasted similar to "plain Vanilla ice-cream". pear and tart seemed soulless and we did not finish it at all. no it did not ring de bell of happiness which a dessert is supposed to.

Winter Tasting Menu
Chocolate praline.
fine selection of homemade chocolates. and I mean chocolate without (s).

overall, it was a great eating out experience. total bill came up to RM800. be prepare to get surprised by de outrageously high food price when you step into Marini. hmm.. perhaps a drink only will be a wiser choice for my second visit.

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!